Whether you're a single international visiting Jacksonville on a student visa, a young family settling into your first home, or a mature adult rooted in the heartland for generations, you'll feel welcome at Southpoint SDA Church. All meetings are located at the church, unless otherwise listed, for the most up to date information check out our Bulletin click here.



  • Ryan Amos


  • Wanda Jenkins, HEAD

Couples Ministries

  • Jason and Wendy Smiley

Family Life Ministry

  • Tricia Hercules, HEAD
  • Angliche Nestor
  • Margaret Davis
  • Aida Quesada Gomez

Men's Ministry

  • O'Neil Cattnell, HEAD
  • Kevin Melliphant
  • Mark Burgess

Women's Ministry

  • Sharisse Whitby
  • Whyslaine Fequiere

Senior Ministries

  • Cheri Baker


  • Jason Smiley, HEAD
  • Reggie Fequiere, Assistant

Music Ministry

  • Marvin Brooks, HEAD
  • Mario Brooks, Assistant
  • Whyslaine Fequiere, Assistant
  • Tricia Hercules, Assistant

Media Ministries

  • Earl Fenstermacher, HEAD
  • Dawit Adugnaw
  • Kodi Ross
  • Pete Kirkpatrick
  • Lucas Taylor
  • Christopher Taylor
  • Jacob Kirkpatrick
  • Noah Smiley
  • Michael Brooks
  • Lisamae Tuliao
  • Mackenzie Elan
  • Joell Smiley
  • Immanuel Vilsaint

Web Development

  • Thomas Rohtsalu, HEAD
  • Stephanie Concel
  • Teimar Rohtsalu
  • Matthew Nestor

Children's Story Coordinator

  • Margo Rees


  • Daphne Walker

Children's Divisions Cradle Roll Department

  • David & Esther Royes
  • Thobias & Shelia Sando

Kindergarten Department

  • Trisha Bridges
  • Susanne Reins
  • Sharla Blizzard
  • Rochelle Smith

Primary Department

  • Chris Drechsler

Junior Department

  • Kern Hercules
  • Jim Hambright

Teen Department

  • Patty & Devon Bass
  • Adrian Brown

Sabbath School Secretaries

  • Carmen Troy
  • Loraine Lindquist
  • Keith Smith


  • Denise Fagundes, HEAD
  • Kayleigh Amos, Assistant

Adventurer Director

  • Shawna Kaye Archer

Pathfinder Director

  • Pathfinder Council


  • Devon & Patty Bass


  • Shelley Lewis, HEAD

Evangelism & Personel Ministries

  • Worship/Program Ministry Head
  • Administrative Head
  • Business Manager
  • Family Ministries Head
  • Sabbath School Head
  • Youth Ministries Head
  • Larry Lindquist (at large)

Community Services

  • Tina Ephraim, HEAD
  • Jean Nestor, Assistant
  • Charmaine Cattnell, Assistant

Health & Wellness

  • Anthony Jenkins, HEAD
  • David Royes
  • Gohalem Felema
  • Dawit Adugnaw
  • Edgar Whitby
  • Gigi Pierre-Louis
  • Danyel Morrison
  • Danielle Telfort
  • Earl Fenstermacher
  • Lorna Thurston
  • Esther Royes

Prayer Ministries

  • Shelia Patterson, HEAD
  • Shelley Lewis, Assistant

Prayer Meeting Ministries

  • Cliff & Flo Bartley

Youth Integration

  • Carmen Brooks
  • Wendy Smiley
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